September 2, 2017 BrandSocial

6 Simple Steps To Improve Your Social Media Content

Growing up through the evolution of social media and working within the marketing and communications industry, we have seen social media content marketing done well and, at other times, not so well. Oftentimes, brand accounts change from one way of writing and a specific tone to another in the space of a day, or from post to post. This mainly occurs when more than one person is looking after the social content for a company.

Here are six simple ways to create or improve your social media strategy and increase positive customer interaction with your brand.

#1) Find Your Tone and Stick To It

Finding your tone is a term often used but rarely understood by marketing and management teams alike. Simply put, it is how you want to come across to your targeted audience.

What type of business are you in? Do you want to sound professional or fun? Is your product one that people use for work or for personal enjoyment?

These questions point to how you should be creating your tone and why you should be sticking to it, creating a consistency with your brand that evokes trust from your customer. Once you decide on what tone to proceed with, develop a standard operation procedure for the process of posting social content and ensure everyone involved in the creation of posts understands the goal of your strategy.

#2) Quality Over Quantity

Avoid posting more than two to three pieces per day on content heavy sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Over saturating your followers will dilute the impact of each piece.

Review the types of posts that were successful over the last year and identify what the content / topics of these posts. Rewrite your strategy around what your followers show they are interested in based on their actions.

Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.

#3) Timing is Key

Who is your customer base? What platform are you posting on?

In general, social media sites have different optimum times for posting.

Facebook favours evening posts when your customers are home from work and browsing the internet recreationally.

LinkedIn favours afternoon posts when your target audience are at work and possible using the site for business development and networking.

#4) Avoid More Than One Exclamation Mark at The End of a Sentence

One exclamation mark is sufficient to drive home your point that the sentence is related to something exciting and/or important.

#5) Use Full Words Instead of Abbreviations

Unless you are using Twitter and there is no other way to fit your content into 140 characters, abbreviations like “2 us”, “4 you” and “u are” are not widely accepted as proper writing.

The origin of these abbreviations comes from the early 2000s when, before widely accessible WIFI and applications like WhatsApp, we had to fit in as much as we possibly could within the parameters of one text message or risk being charged for two. Now that this is no longer an issue for most people, these abbreviations have lost their impact and relevance to good content writing.

#6) Say What You Mean In 2 Sentences or Less

Studies have shown that posts with fewer characters are more popular than longer, content-heavy pieces.

The basis for this finding is that you simply need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they are interested in and for them to engage with your posts.


You don’t need to use every single social media site available to reach your customers. Figure out what your target audience uses most and focus your attention on creating great content suited to those platforms.